Diablo 3 Best Class for Inferno

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There’s a lot of controversy and debate about the best class in Diablo 3.  Not just the best class for Normal, Nightmare, and Hell; but the best class to beat Inferno on.  I want to start off by saying that there is no “best” class, there’s your ability to identify enemies and react with the appropriate skills and then there’s cookie cutter builds you can try.  

However, if you can’t play your class and use the appropriate skills to counter Elites and Champions, you’re going to be out of luck come Inferno.  Yes, I said Elites and Champions, they are tremendously harder than the boss fights.  You can beat just about any boss fight by avoiding the fight mechanics and keep moving, but to beat elite packs with 4 affix modifiers will take a lot of skill and sometimes a lot of luck.

So here’s an overview of each class to help you decide what class you’re going to use.  I’m going to group them into physical melee verse range because they are very similar in playstyle with just a variation of skills really when you boil it down.

Barbarian / Monk

These are your melee hitting classes.  They rely heavily on Vitality and mitigation / avoidance skills while directly going into combat with foes.  They are champions at boss fights but they have a lot of difficulty with rare packs and don’t have the greatest kiting abilities but can still do it to some extent.

If you run into Arcane Enchanted/Fire Chains/Plague/Molten type mobs you have to be careful when fighting these packs so that you’re not standing in it.  A lot of packs will jail or wall you into these.  It’s important to not only have mitigation and healing abilities up but also travel abilities, such as leap, sprint, or the monk equivalents.  These oftentimes allow you to get away from even jail effects or get away from the fight faster.

If you want to focus on avoiding all the different effects the enemies have on you that they lay at close range (these classes excel against Mortar and other abilities that have a hard time hitting players from close up), then this is your class.  You’ll find your best bet is to either single out the elite packs by running them across the zone, bottle necking them into a short passage, or getting in there using all your cooldowns and if they aren’t dead then run away and wait for them to refresh.

Witch Doctor/Wizard/Demon Hunter

These classes on the other hand are ranged fighters.  They have their own set of weaknesses, mainly, getting hit from a physical attack.  You will also be stacking vitality and having avoidance skills ready because you are more prone to die then the Barbarians and Monks.

The Witch Doctor gets minions which I’m going to tell you are virtually worthless no matter how you configure yourself in Inferno.  The Gargantuan can act as a speed bump for normal fighting and help with bosses but for the most part, you’re on your own like the Wizard.

These classes can be very weak against Mortar and ranged attacks.

If you’re going to attempt to solo Inferno then pick a class you like to play and can master, it’s the only chance you really have.  If you’re going to be playing co-op then pick a role you’d like to do.  Inferno groups work best if you have a Barbarian sitting there in tank mode (won’t be doing much damage) but he’ll be taking hits as best as anyone can while everyone else launches damage.  They also have group buffs etc.

So in summary.  There is no “best class”.  You cannot simply just pick a class and a build and think you’re set.  Inferno is heavily gear and skill dependent, so pick a class that you are interested in and get good at it.



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