Diablo 3 Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide

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Jewelcrafting in Diablo III is very basic and consists of combining lower level gems into higher level gems.  Unlike other games such as World of Warcraft, you will not create jewelry or other items to equip on your character; in Diablo III it is simply gems you will be creating or rather transforming.

You won’t be able to start Jewelcrafting until Act II, where you will meet Covetous Shen, who will instruct you on Jewelcrafting.  It should be mentioned that along with combining gems, with your Jewelcrafting you will also be able to remove gems that have been placed in sockets in gear.

Gem Types

There are four types of gems:  Amethyst, Topaz, Ruby, and Emerald.  Here are the stats for these gems.


  • Helm:  +XX% of Life
  • Weapon:  Each Hit Adds +XX Life
  • Other:  +XX Vitality


  • Helm:  XX% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items
  • Weapon:  Melee Attackers Take XX Damage per hit
  • Other:  +XX Intelligence


  • Helm:  Increases Experience Rewarded per Kill by XX%
  • Weapon:  +XX Minimum Damage, +XX Maximum Damage
  • Other:  +XX Strength


  • Helm:  +XX Extra Gold from Monsters
  • Weapon:  Critical Hit Damage Increased by XX%
  • Other:  +XX Dexterity

Types or Qualities of Gems

There are 14 gem quality levels as follows:

  1. Chipped
  2. Flawed
  3. Normal
  4. Flawless
  5. Perfect
  6. Radiant
  7. Square
  8. Flawless
  9. Perfect Square
  10. Radiant Square
  11. Star
  12. Flawless Star
  13. Perfect Star
  14. Radiant Star

Combining Gems

In order to turn one type of gem into the next higher quality (which is what Jewelcrafting is essentially all about) you’ll need to have three of the same type of gem and will combine these into one of the next higher level gem.  For example,  you will need 3 Flawed Ruby to create 1 Normal Ruby.  Keep in mind that in order to do some combines you’ll also need to have Pages of Jewelcrafting, Tomes of Jewelcrafting, and Tomes of Secrets.

Cost of Leveling Jewelcrafting

Here is what it will take in order for you to max out your Jewelcrafting.

  • Level 1 Apprentice:  0 gold
  • Level 2 Journeyman:  5,000 gold
  • Level 3 Adept:  5,000 gold
  • Level 4 Master:  10,000 gold
  • Level 5 Grand Master:  10,000 gold
  • Level 6 Illustrious:  10,000 gold
  • Level 7 Magnificent:  10,000 gold
  • Level 8 Resplendent:  20,000 gold
  • Level 9 Glorious:  30,000 gold
  • Level 10 Exalted:  40,000 gold
  • Total Cost:  140,000 gold

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