Horde Mining Trainer Locations with Maps

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Below is a list of mining trainers that will provide Horde miners with the training they need. All of following trainers will provide miners with training so that they can raise their skill level to 300. Krugosh in Hellfire Peninsula can provide characters with training that will allow them to raise their skill to 375.

WoW Horde Mining Trainers

Krunn (Razor Hill, Durotar)

Krunn is located in the northwestern section of Razor Hill near the forge, weaponsmith, and blacksmithing trainer, right next to the inn and mailbox. Location 51,40.

Makaru (Valley of Honor, Orgimmar)

Makaru is located in the northeastern section of Orgimmar in the center building of the Valley of Honor. You will find him just northeast of a small body of water. Location 73,26.

Brek Stonehoof (Lower Rise, Thunderbluff)

Brek Stonehoof is located on the west side of the Lower Rise, (center island in Thunderbluff) in a hut named Stonehoof Geology. You will see him to your left as you walk through the doorway of the hut. Location 34,57.

Brom Killian (War Quarter, Undercity)

Brom Killian is located in the southern part of the War Quarter, in the inner circle. If you click your map you will see that the mote runs through the War Quarter, you will find the trainer in the southern part of the inner circle. You will find him near the weapon master. Location 55,37.

Johan Focht (Sepulcher, Silverpine Forest)

John Focht is located in the building in which the innkeeper and mailbox stand in front. You will find him down 3 flights of steps at the very bottom of the building. Location 43,40.

Krugosh (Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula) [Master Trainer] TBC

Krugosh is located outside of the largest building in Thrallmar, on the right side in the very center of the city north of the Blood Elf Pilgrims. Krugosh is able to provide training so that characters are able to reach the mining skill level of 375. Location 55, 37.

Belil (Farstriders’ Square, Silvermoon City) TBC

Belil is located in Silvermoon City. You will find him by running north toward Farstriders’ Square on the east path; he will be left up the stairs in the southwest corner of Farstriders’ Square. Location 78,42.

WoW Neutral Mining Trainer

Pikkle (Gadgetzan, Tanaris)

Pikkle can be found in a hut on the west side of Gadgetzan. Pikkle is a neutral mining trainer, which means that he will also provide mining training to Alliance characters. Location, 51, 28.

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