WoW Cloth Farming Guide

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This cloth farming guide provides you with a guideline of what level humanoids to fight for certain types of cloth. While each type of cloth drops off a wide level range of mobs the very lowest and highest level humanoids of each range actually have an extremely small chance to drop. For example, Syndicate Watchman have been reported to drop silk at level 19, while level 47 Slave Workers in Searing Gorge have also reported to drop silk…but your chance of efficiently farming cloth off these mobs might be near impossible. Use the chart as a guideline of what levels to farm and when you find a good spot to farm stick with it.

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Picking where to farm cloth can be tricky. You may find out that a certain mob drops it almost 100% of the time, but this mob might also be hard to find or spread out across a zone. It’s really not that efficient to wait for one or two mobs to spawn that drop a piece of cloth 60% of the time when you could be constantly killing mobs with a slightly lower drop rate. So if you are killing mobs for cloth that are spread out or rare you are probably better off clearing camps of mobs even if the drop rate is slightly lower. Because of this the following chart also includes favorite cloth farming areas.

Finally, remember that if you are a higher level character and can farm in Northrend, you might be better off farming for gold than lower level types of cloth. If you suddenly decide to take up tailoring or first aid you are probably better off buying your linen, wool, silk, mageweave, runecloth, and even netherweave cloth in the auction, instead of spending time farming them yourself.

Item Levels that Drop it Levels with Best % Drop Rate Favorite Farming Areas
Linen Cloth 4-27 5-15 Defias in Westfall, Blackpaw in Ghostlands, Deadmines
Wool Cloth 13-36 23-26 Deadmines, Stockades, Furbolgs in Ashenvale
Silk Cloth 19-47 26-38 Scarlet Monestery, Uldaman, Galak in Thousand Needles
Mageweave Cloth 28-54 44-49 Vilebranch in The Hinterlands, Dunemaul in Tanaris
Runecloth 53-66 56-60 Humanoids across Western Plaguelands, Expedition Armory in Hellfire Peninsula
Netherweave Cloth 57-71 67-71 Legion Hold in Shadowmoon Valley, Manaforge B’naar in Netherstorm
Frostweave Cloth 68-81 75-79 Top of Voltarus in Zul’Drak (the mobs are practically instant spawns), The Blight Line near The Lost Lands in Scholazar Basin (the mobs are also practically instant spawns)


Here are some other tips for farming cloth:

-Clean out your bags as much as possible since you will be looting every mob
-Farm with higher level characters to kill mobs as fast as possible
-Farm with a friend and make a designated looter
-Set out to farm with plenty of food, drink, and be fully repaired
-If you are a Tailor be sure to complete the quest “Cloth Scavenging” given by Grand Master Tailoring trainers to receive “Northern Cloth Scavenging” which gives you an increased chance to find cloth on Northrend Humanoids

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